Zyie is a rare breed of entertainer whose life embodies her craft as much as the craft has become her life. 

Born in 1991 into a musical family on the west side of Rochester, NY, she was surrounded by music from the very start. Some of her earliest memories are of writing songs and performing them for friends and family. While attending School Number 44, she discovered a love for acting and other art forms, and she pursued them diligently. These early experiences were merely the first step to what would become a lifelong career path. 

She found new ways to refine her performance skills by joining the Wildcat Marching Band as well as the track team and the dance team while studying at Lovejoy High School in Clayton County, GA.  

She travelled between Rochester, NY, and Atlanta, GA, during her college years, further developing her musical repertoire by incorporating the diverse styles of music she found into a sound uniquely her own.  

Now, Zyie is a hardworking, dedicated recording artist who plans to use her talent to be a success in the music industry.