Linda Copeland, aka Lynn Tate, is a small-town girl with sky-reaching talent! She has an eclectic, country alternative style paired with the gritty organic flair of a pop/urban sound that is second to none. Lynn was born in Tuskegee, Alabama, and then moved to a small town outside of Portland, Oregon, where she played in a rock and roll band and sang in the church choir. It was while performing in the choir that she gained her passion for singing and began to understand and develop her own style. When Lynn moved to Atlanta, GA, she joined the all-girl band Noralynn Rowe as the rapper of the group for a few years. After she left, she focused on the music she absolutely loved – her unique organic country/pop alternative. Lynn Tate’s style organically separates her from the hordes of generic pop, country, and R&B performers in the marketplace – placing her in the realm of a chosen few. It brought her to the attention of others in the industry, creating opportunities to perform at venues with industry greats.